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Who is

Larysa Switlyk?

Larysa Switlyk is a New York City Certified Public Accountant turned professional outdoorswoman. She found her passion in 2008 when she booked herself a solo hunt  in New Zealand never having shot a rifle before. She realized  she had a natural talent for shooting and hunting. At first her family was not fond of her new passion  for hunting and criticized her for participating in such a sport.  That is when Larysa found the hunting community where she was accepted and realized it was a lack of education and understanding from her family that led to their displeasure. She then made it her mission to change their viewpoint on hunting by educating them. Also, since she found her true passion, she wanted to share that passion and encourage more females and children to get involved in the outdoors. She created her own television show as a vehicle to promote hunting to the general population and inspire others to get outdoors to try it! She figured if she could change her family's viewpoint on hunting, she could change a lot more peoples' minds also.

Despite criticism from her own family, she dove head first into a male-dominated industry with no help and no connections. In a short 3 years she learned an industry she had no idea about, started her own production company, figured out how to fund and produce her own outdoor television show while at the same time learning how to hunt and fish. Larysa Switlyk ran into many obstacles along her journey, but learning from mistakes and never giving up or taking "no" for an answer, she proceeded to not let anyone or anything to discourage her from following her dream and making it into a reality. 

After attending an award show at one of the trade shows, Larysa Switlyk set her first goal in the outdoor industry. She gave herself 5 years to break into the male-dominated industry as a leading sportswoman. She wanted to see herself on that stage accepting an award for her own television show. With a lot of hard work, she did just that. Fulfilling her goal in exactly 5 years, she was the first female to accept a Sportsman Channel Award for "Best Shot of the Year" which she dedicated to everyone who told her "no" and that she couldn't do it.

  • Bachelors and Masters in Accounting from THE University of  Florida (completed in 4 years)

  • Certified Public Accountant License

  • Real Estate License

  • Captains License


Now she wants to take things to the next level by sharing her story of how she created her brand out of nothing in an industry she had no background in or knew anything about. She turned her dream into a reality and how she dealt with the obstacles along the way. She wants to encourage others with her stories and inform them about common mistakes that can be avoided.

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